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Definition of Plaster


  1. An external application of a consistency harder than ointment, prepared for use by spreading it on linen, leather, silk, or other material. It is adhesive at the ordinary temperature of the body, and is used, according to its composition, to produce a medicinal effect, to bind parts together, etc.; as, a porous plaster; sticking plaster.
  2. A composition of lime, water, and sand, with or without hair as a bond, for coating walls, ceilings, and partitions of houses. See Mortar.
  3. Calcined gypsum, or plaster of Paris, especially when ground, as used for making ornaments, figures, moldings, etc.; or calcined gypsum used as a fertilizer.
  4. To cover with a plaster, as a wound or sore.
  5. To overlay or cover with plaster, as the ceilings and walls of a house.
  6. Fig.: To smooth over; to cover or conceal the defects of; to hide, as with a covering of plaster.

Plaster Quotations

It is well for the world that in most of us, by the age of thirty, the character has set like plaster, and will never soften again.
William James

I have a lot of fake food in my apartment, but I'm picky about it. Old plaster food, like from the '50s is really nice, hollowed out paper-mache food from old plays - the new stuff just looks too good.
Amy Sedaris

The moon is essentially gray, no color; looks like plaster of Paris or sort of a grayish beach sand.
Jim Lovell

I always performed when I was a child. My parents got very annoyed, because my brother and I had our little bedrooms upstairs, and I would plaster the house with posters with arrows pointing upstairs.
Franka Potente

To add an AC outlet, for example, you just drill a circular hole in the wall, tap into the wiring, add the outlet and you're set. If you don't want it, pull it out and plaster over it with more earth to seal the hole.
Randy Bachman
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Plaster Translations

plaster in Dutch is kalken, aanstrijken
plaster in French is pavement
plaster in German is Pflaster, Heftpflaster, Gips, Pflaster
plaster in Hungarian is gipszvakolat, flastrom, vakolat, tapasz
plaster in Italian is lastricato
plaster in Norwegian is plaster
plaster in Portuguese is emplastro
plaster in Spanish is emplasto, yeso, esparadrapo
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