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Definition of Pinned


  1. of Pin

Pinned Quotations

I'm very sensitive. Because my mum was my primary emotional caregiver growing up, I found myself being pinned into dresses, darting her dresses, choosing her high heels for the evening or what to wear. I'm very much a mommy's boy.
Tom Hardy

Los Angeles is such a town of show business, and I'm a terrible celebrity. I find it difficult - it's the beast that must be fed. There's this big wheel of pictures and articles that goes around, and you get pinned on it.
Julia Roberts

When hope is not pinned wriggling onto a shiny image or expectation, it sometimes floats forth and opens.
Anne Lamott

Descriptions of my work depress me. They make me feel pinned down.
Thom Mayne

Women is fine once you got em pinned down, boss, but when they ain't pinned down they're hell.
John Dos Passos
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Pinned Translations

pinned in German is aufgesteckt
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