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Definition of Pinion


  1. A moth of the genus Lithophane, as L. antennata, whose larva bores large holes in young peaches and apples.
  2. A feather; a quill.
  3. A wing, literal or figurative.
  4. The joint of bird's wing most remote from the body.
  5. A fetter for the arm.
  6. A cogwheel with a small number of teeth, or leaves, adapted to engage with a larger wheel, or rack (see Rack); esp., such a wheel having its leaves formed of the substance of the arbor or spindle which is its axis.
  7. To bind or confine the wings of; to confine by binding the wings.
  8. To disable by cutting off the pinion joint.
  9. To disable or restrain, as a person, by binding the arms, esp. by binding the arms to the body.
  10. Hence, generally, to confine; to bind; to tie up.

Pinion Translations

pinion in German is Getrieberad, Ritzel
pinion in Swedish is kuggdrev, bakbinda