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Definition of Pilot


  1. One who flies, or is qualified to fly, a balloon, an airship, or a flying machine.
  2. A short plug at the end of a counterbore to guide the tool. Pilots are sometimes made interchangeable.
  3. The heading or excavation of relatively small dimensions, first made in the driving of a larger tunnel.
  4. To fly, or act as pilot of (an aircraft).
  5. One employed to steer a vessel; a helmsman; a steersman.
  6. Specifically, a person duly qualified, and licensed by authority, to conduct vessels into and out of a port, or in certain waters, for a fixed rate of fees.
  7. Figuratively: A guide; a director of another through a difficult or unknown course.
  8. An instrument for detecting the compass error.
  9. The cowcatcher of a locomotive.
  10. To direct the course of, as of a ship, where navigation is dangerous.
  11. Figuratively: To guide, as through dangers or difficulties.

Pilot Quotations

Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm.
Navjot Singh Sidhu

Knowledge is the eye of desire and can become the pilot of the soul.
Will Durant

There is a peculiar gratification in receiving congratulations from one's squadron for a victory in the air. It is worth more to a pilot than the applause of the whole outside world.
Eddie Rickenbacker

My business partner gave me a drone, a small helicopter you pilot with an iPhone, and also it has a camera so you can see what it sees on the iPhone. Great fun. I fly it outside in Portugal. It's wonderful to oversee gardens.
Christian Louboutin

I grew up thinking that I would become a fighter pilot and was fascinated by aircrafts as I had grown up around that. But my father encouraged me to not become an Air Force person, given the varied interests I had, be it books, movies, sports or fighter flying.
Kapil Sharma
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Pilot Translations

pilot in Dutch is binnenbrengen, loodsen
pilot in French is pilote, lamaneur
pilot in German is Pilot, Pilot, steurn, Lotse, Haupt
pilot in Italian is pilota, andara, volare, pilota
pilot in Norwegian is los
pilot in Portuguese is piloto
pilot in Spanish is conducir, piloto
pilot in Swedish is pilot, lots, lotsa