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Definition of Pilgrim


  1. A wayfarer; a wanderer; a traveler; a stranger.
  2. One who travels far, or in strange lands, to visit some holy place or shrine as a devotee; as, a pilgrim to Loretto; Canterbury pilgrims. See Palmer.
  3. Of or pertaining to a pilgrim, or pilgrims; making pilgrimages.
  4. To journey; to wander; to ramble.

Pilgrim Quotations

In my case Pilgrim's Progress consisted in my having to climb down a thousand ladders until I could reach out my hand to the little clod of earth that I am.
Carl Jung

At least the Pilgrim Fathers used to shoot Indians: the Pilgrim Children merely punch time clocks.
e. e. cummings

Agriculture is a business that has been up to its bib overalls in politics since the first Thanksgiving dinner kickback to the Indians for subsidizing Pilgrim maize production with fish head fertilizer grants.
P. J. O'Rourke

The mind of the Renaissance was not a pilgrim mind, but a sedentary city mind, like that of the ancients.
George Santayana

I think everybody has their own way of looking at their lives as some kind of pilgrimage. Some people will see their role as a pilgrim in terms of setting up a fine family, or establishing a business inheritance. Everyone's got their own definition.
Eric Clapton
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Pilgrim Translations

pilgrim in Dutch is pelgrim, bedevaartganger
pilgrim in German is Pilger
pilgrim in Italian is pellegrino
pilgrim in Spanish is peregrino
pilgrim in Swedish is pilgrim

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