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Definition of Pigeon


  1. Any bird of the order Columbae, of which numerous species occur in nearly all parts of the world.
  2. An unsuspected victim of sharpers; a gull.
  3. To pluck; to fleece; to swindle by tricks in gambling.

Pigeon Quotations

The only difference between a pigeon and the American farmer today is that a pigeon can still make a deposit on a John Deere.
Jim Hightower

You have to accept the fact that sometimes you are the pigeon, and sometimes you are the statue.
Claude Chabrol

I mean, it is an extraordinary thing that a large proportion of your country and my country, of the citizens, never see a wild creature from dawn 'til dusk, unless it's a pigeon, which isn't really wild, which might come and settle near them.
David Attenborough

Pigeon racing is a lousy, greedy, and often unlawful activity. One thing that it is not is kind to birds.
Ingrid Newkirk

Each week, I post a video about some 'Pigeon of Discontent' raised by a reader. Because, as much as we try to find the 'Bluebird of Happiness,' we're also plagued by those small but pesky 'Pigeons of Discontent.'
Gretchen Rubin
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Pigeon Translations

pigeon in Danish is due
pigeon in Dutch is duif, tamme duif
pigeon in Finnish is kyyhkynen
pigeon in French is sourde, pigeon, colombe
pigeon in German is Taube
pigeon in Hungarian is galamb, balek
pigeon in Italian is colomba, piccione
pigeon in Norwegian is due
pigeon in Portuguese is pombo
pigeon in Swedish is duva

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