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Definition of Photographing


  1. of Photograph

Photographing Quotations

One of the lessons learned during the Vietnam War was that the depiction of wounded soldiers, of coffins stacked higher than their living guards, had a negative effect on the viewing public. The military in Iraq specifically banned the photographing of wounded soldiers and coffins, thus sanitizing this terrible and bloody conflict.
Walter Dean Myers

I just love photographing things and putting them together to tell a story.
Christopher Nolan

To know ahead of time what you're looking for means you're then only photographing your own preconceptions, which is very limiting, and often false.
Dorothea Lange

The trouble with photographing beautiful women is that you never get into the dark room until after they've gone.
Yousuf Karsh

I don't see the point of photographing trees or rocks because they're there and anyone can photograph them if they're prepared to hang around and wait for the light.
David Bailey
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Photographing Translations

photographing in German is photographierend