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Definition of Photographer


  1. One who practices, or is skilled in, photography.

Photographer Quotations

Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?
Pablo Picasso

Everyone with a cell phone thinks they're a photographer. Everyone with a laptop thinks they're a journalist. But they have no training, and they have no idea of what we keep to in terms of standards, as in what's far out and what's reality. And they have no dedication to truth.
Helen Thomas

Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment.
Ansel Adams

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
Ansel Adams

When you are a photographer, you work all the time, because your eye is the first camera.
Patrick Demarchelier
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Photographer Translations

photographer in Danish is fotograf
photographer in Dutch is fotograaf
photographer in French is photographe
photographer in German is Fotograf, Photograph
photographer in Norwegian is fotograf
photographer in Swedish is fotograf