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Definition of Photo


  1. A contraction of Photograph.

Photo Quotations

Airplane travel is nature's way of making you look like your passport photo.
Al Gore

When I'm doing a photo shoot, I'm not playing a part. I'm just trying to be myself.
Gaspard Ulliel

My hair was so much a part of my personality and all my photo shoots. I hid behind my hair. And then, I just decided I was okay with myself. To have short hair and really show my face is even more revealing than anything. It's a statement - not to everyone else, more to myself. I'm just ready to get out from behind my hair and be myself.
Pamela Anderson

As human beings, we are the only organisms that create for the sheer stupid pleasure of doing so. Whether it's laying out a garden, composing a new tune on the piano, writing a bit of poetry, manipulating a digital photo, redecorating a room, or inventing a new chili recipe - we are happiest when we are creating.
Gary Hamel

When you crop the photo, you tell a lie.
Douglas Coupland
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Photo Translations

photo in German is Photo
photo in Italian is foto, dipinto, accettazione
photo in Swedish is fotografi

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