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Definition of Philharmonic


  1. One who loves harmony or music;
  2. short for Philharmonic Society, concert, assemblage, or the like.
  3. Loving harmony or music.

Philharmonic Quotations

As I came to New York, it was for me a new beginning. To discover what people are living here. What do they need, what do they expect, what would they like to be the image and the performance of the New York Philharmonic?
Kurt Masur

I think I infuse the music with a new passion. Part of this is because I have fallen in love: I am in love with the New York Philharmonic. The chemistry has just been right. Beyond expectation.
Lorin Maazel

I miss the standard of the New York Philharmonic's playing very much. It has certainly been a high point in my life.
Zubin Mehta

I did a concert... in September with the Berlin Philharmonic... They're great musicians, and there's always something to learn from them.
Cecilia Bartoli

From time to time, the Vienna Philharmonic could play without a conductor because they are so good.
Bernard Arnault
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Philharmonic Translations

philharmonic in German is philharmonisch
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