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Definition of Philharmonic


  1. One who loves harmony or music;
  2. short for Philharmonic Society, concert, assemblage, or the like.
  3. Loving harmony or music.

Philharmonic Quotations

I miss the standard of the New York Philharmonic's playing very much. It has certainly been a high point in my life.
Zubin Mehta

The New York Philharmonic is a tremendous opportunity, a great orchestra.
Zubin Mehta

It seems always to have been difficult to have been a New York Philharmonic conductor because of the nature of New York. We are in direct competition with the great orchestras in the world who come to play in our hall or in Carnegie, and we are constantly compared. I think that 's a good thing.
Zubin Mehta

Open rehearsals reach people who might not otherwise hear the Philharmonic - people on fixed incomes, people who can't move easily at night, students.
Zubin Mehta

There was an opinion expressed in the newspapers that, after 20 years, maybe the Israel Philharmonic should consider asking me to leave. I thought they might have a point, so I asked my orchestra. They told me overwhelmingly that they wanted me to stay.
Zubin Mehta
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Philharmonic Translations

philharmonic in German is philharmonisch

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