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Definition of Pharmacology


  1. Knowledge of drugs or medicines; the art of preparing medicines.
  2. A treatise on the art of preparing medicines.

Pharmacology Quotations

In modern pharmacology it's so clear that even if you have a fixed dose of a drug, the individuals respond very differently to one and the same dose.
Arvid Carlsson

Pharmacology is benefited by the prepared mind. You need to know what you are looking for.
Siddhartha Mukherjee

Well, in pharmacology, if the effect is local, it's of course absolutely awkward to use it in any other way than as a local treatment.
Arvid Carlsson

In teaching, I wanted to offer a general pharmacology course based on chemical principles, biochemical classification and mathematical modelling. In the event I achieved neither of my ambitions.
James W. Black

Even then, Vanderbilt was the premiere place for clinical pharmacology.
Alastair Wood
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Pharmacology Translations

pharmacology in French is pharmacologie
pharmacology in German is Pharmakologie
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