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Definition of Pernicious


  1. Quick; swift (to burn).
  2. Having the quality of injuring or killing; destructive; very mischievous; baleful; malicious; wicked.

Pernicious Quotations

No evil can result from its inhibition more pernicious than its toleration.
Martin Van Buren

Know thyself. A maxim as pernicious as it is ugly. Whoever studies himself arrest his own development. A caterpillar who seeks to know himself would never become a butterfly.
Andre Gide

In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.
Leo Tolstoy

State formation has been a brutal project, with many hideous consequences. But the results exist, and their pernicious aspects should be overcome.
Noam Chomsky

All religions have based morality on obedience, that is to say, on voluntary slavery. That is why they have always been more pernicious than any political organization. For the latter makes use of violence, the former - of the corruption of the will.
Alexander Herzen
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Pernicious Translations

pernicious in Hungarian is veszedelmes
pernicious in Latin is perniciosus
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