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Definition of Perennial


  1. ing or continuing through the year; as, perennial fountains.
  2. Continuing without cessation or intermission; perpetual; unceasing; never failing.
  3. Continuing more than two years; as, a perennial steam, or root, or plant.
  4. A perennial plant; a plant which lives or continues more than two years, whether it retains its leaves in winter or not.

Perennial Quotations

There is no arguing with the pretenders to a divine knowledge and to a divine mission. They are possessed with the sin of pride, they have yielded to the perennial temptation.
Walter Lippmann

Pleasure is a shadow, wealth is vanity, and power a pageant; but knowledge is ecstatic in enjoyment, perennial in frame, unlimited in space and indefinite in duration.
DeWitt Clinton

I am very much a person who appreciates perennial things. Things like a Lacoste shirt, a Clarks desert boot, Persol sunglasses and Vans shoes that have been the same forever. There are certain things that once you find it, you like it and it's done. I like Italian clothing, like suits from Battistoni and I have a shirt by Piero Albertelli.
Roman Coppola

Turkey must find its place if, of course, it can heal its internal sores, and none is more malignant than the perennial Kurdish issue.
Noam Chomsky

The World Cup is every four years, so it's going to be a perennial problem.
Gary Lineker
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Perennial Translations

perennial in Latin is jugis
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