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Definition of Penny


  1. Denoting pound weight for one thousand; -- used in combination, with respect to nails; as, tenpenny nails, nails of which one thousand weight ten pounds.
  2. An English coin, formerly of copper, now of bronze, the twelfth part of an English shilling in account value, and equal to four farthings, or about two cents; -- usually indicated by the abbreviation d. (the initial of denarius).
  3. Any small sum or coin; a groat; a stiver.
  4. Money, in general; as, to turn an honest penny.
  5. See Denarius.
  6. Worth or costing one penny.
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Penny Translations

penny in Dutch is stuiver, penny
penny in French is sou
penny in German is Groschen, Pfennig, Penny
penny in Hungarian is egycentes
penny in Italian is centesimo
penny in Portuguese is moeda de um centavo
penny in Spanish is penique