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Definition of Pedal


  1. Of or pertaining to the foot, or to feet, literally or figuratively; specifically (Zool.), pertaining to the foot of a mollusk; as, the pedal ganglion.
  2. Of or pertaining to a pedal; having pedals.
  3. A lever or key acted on by the foot, as in the pianoforte to raise the dampers, or in the organ to open and close certain pipes; a treadle, as in a lathe or a bicycle.
  4. A pedal curve or surface.
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Pedal Translations

pedal in Danish is pedal
pedal in Dutch is peddelen, trappen
pedal in Finnish is poljin
pedal in German is Fusshebel, Pedal
pedal in Italian is pedale
pedal in Norwegian is pedal
pedal in Spanish is pedal
pedal in Swedish is pedal, trampa