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Definition of Peck


  1. The fourth part of a bushel; a dry measure of eight quarts; as, a peck of wheat.
  2. A great deal; a large or excessive quantity.
  3. To strike with the beak; to thrust the beak into; as, a bird pecks a tree.
  4. Hence: To strike, pick, thrust against, or dig into, with a pointed instrument; especially, to strike, pick, etc., with repeated quick movements.
  5. To seize and pick up with the beak, or as with the beak; to bite; to eat; -- often with up.
  6. To make, by striking with the beak or a pointed instrument; as, to peck a hole in a tree.
  7. To make strokes with the beak, or with a pointed instrument.
  8. To pick up food with the beak; hence, to eat.
  9. A quick, sharp stroke, as with the beak of a bird or a pointed instrument.

Peck Translations

peck in French is picotin
peck in German is picken
peck in Spanish is picotazo
peck in Swedish is picka