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Definition of Peach


  1. To accuse of crime; to inform against.
  2. To turn informer; to betray one's accomplice.
  3. A well-known high-flavored juicy fruit, containing one or two seeds in a hard almond-like endocarp or stone; also, the tree which bears it (Prunus, / Amygdalus Persica). In the wild stock the fruit is hard and inedible.

Peach Quotations

Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.
Mark Twain

One does a whole painting for one peach and people think just the opposite - that particular peach is but a detail.
Pablo Picasso

My favorite fruit is grapes. Because with grapes, you always get another chance. 'Cause, you know, if you have a crappy apple or a peach, you're stuck with that crappy piece of fruit. But if you have a crappy grape, no problem - just move on to the next. 'Grapes: The Fruit of Hope.'
Demetri Martin

For some reason, I bruise like a peach. I don't have enough vitamin C, I think.
Lauren Cohan

The ripest peach is highest on the tree.
James Whitcomb Riley
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Peach Translations

peach in Afrikaans is perske
peach in Danish is fersken
peach in Dutch is perzik
peach in Finnish is persikka
peach in German is Pfirsich
peach in Norwegian is fersken
peach in Swedish is persika
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