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Definition of Pawn


  1. See Pan, the masticatory.
  2. A man or piece of the lowest rank.
  3. Anything delivered or deposited as security, as for the payment of money borrowed, or of a debt; a pledge. See Pledge, n., 1.
  4. State of being pledged; a pledge for the fulfillment of a promise.
  5. A stake hazarded in a wager.
  6. To give or deposit in pledge, or as security for the payment of money borrowed; to put in pawn; to pledge; as, to pawn one's watch.
  7. To pledge for the fulfillment of a promise; to stake; to risk; to wager; to hazard.
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Pawn Translations

pawn in Afrikaans is soldaat
pawn in Danish is soldat
pawn in Dutch is pion
pawn in French is soldat, engager, nantissement, pion
pawn in German is Bauer
pawn in Italian is contadino, deposito
pawn in Latin is pignus
pawn in Norwegian is soldat
pawn in Portuguese is penhor