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Definition of Patronage


  1. Special countenance or support; favor, encouragement, or aid, afforded to a person or a work; as, the patronage of letters; patronage given to an author.
  2. Business custom.
  3. Guardianship, as of a saint; tutelary care.
  4. The right of nomination to political office; also, the offices, contracts, honors, etc., which a public officer may bestow by favor.
  5. The right of presentation to church or ecclesiastical benefice; advowson.
  6. To act as a patron of; to maintain; to defend.

Patronage Quotations

There is nothing which can better deserve your patronage, than the promotion of science and literature. Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness.
George Washington

The stimulus was a case of political patronage, corporate welfare, and cronyism at their worst.
Paul Ryan

Politeness and civility are the best capital ever invested in business. Large stores, gilt signs, flaming advertisements, will all prove unavailing if you or your employees treat your patrons abruptly. The truth is, the more kind and liberal a man is, the more generous will be the patronage bestowed upon him.
P. T. Barnum

Ancients knew that you need guidance, patronage and protection as you move from one place or state to another, whenever you cross a bridge. You had better know what you are doing when you leave one group or place to join another.
Richard Rohr

Character is power; it makes friends, draws patronage and support and opens the way to wealth, honor and happiness.
John Howe
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Patronage Translations

patronage in Spanish is patrocinio
patronage in Swedish is beskydd

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