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Definition of Patron


  1. One who protects, supports, or countenances; a defender.
  2. A master who had freed his slave, but still retained some paternal rights over him.
  3. A man of distinction under whose protection another person placed himself.
  4. An advocate or pleader.
  5. One who encourages or helps a person, a cause, or a work; a furtherer; a promoter; as, a patron of art.
  6. One who has gift and disposition of a benefice.
  7. A guardian saint. -- called also patron saint.
  8. See Padrone, 2.
  9. To be a patron of; to patronize; to favor.
  10. Doing the duty of a patron; giving aid or protection; tutelary.

Patron Quotations

If a patron buys from an artist who needs money, the patron then makes himself equal to the artist; he is building art into the world; he creates.
Ezra Pound

Movies are my religion and God is my patron. I'm lucky enough to be in the position where I don't make movies to pay for my pool. When I make a movie, I want it to be everything to me; like I would die for it.
Quentin Tarantino

Bill Gates has become the patron saint of philanthropy and the poster child of rebirth, and from what I can tell, rightly so.
John Battelle

Clairvoyant, n.: A person, commonly a woman, who has the power of seeing that which is invisible to her patron - namely, that he is a blockhead.
Ambrose Bierce

You know, Christianity has its own superstition anyway: Why you turn three times, what this saint means, why you pray to the patron saint of lost causes, why you go this way or that way.
Ciaran Hinds
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Patron Translations

patron in Dutch is beschermheer, beschermheilige
patron in Latin is patronus, fautor
patron in Swedish is kund, gynnare
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