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Definition of Path


  1. A trodden way; a footway.
  2. A way, course, or track, in which anything moves or has moved; route; passage; an established way; as, the path of a meteor, of a caravan, of a storm, of a pestilence. Also used figuratively, of a course of life or action.
  3. To make a path in, or on (something), or for (some one).
  4. To walk or go.
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Path Translations

path in Afrikaans is wandelpad
path in Danish is sti
path in Dutch is pad, paadje
path in Finnish is polku
path in French is sentier
path in German is Zweig, Pfad, Pfad
path in Italian is viale, sentiero
path in Norwegian is sti
path in Portuguese is caminho, trajeto
path in Spanish is sendero, senda