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Definition of Passivity


  1. Passiveness; -- opposed to activity.
  2. The tendency of a body to remain in a given state, either of motion or rest, till disturbed by another body; inertia.
  3. The quality or condition of any substance which has no inclination to chemical activity; inactivity.

Passivity Quotations

In the voyeurism of Reality TV, the viewer's passivity is kept intact, pampered and massaged and force-fed Chicken McNuggets of carefully edited snippets that permit him or her to sit in easy judgment and feel superior at watching familiar strangers make fools of themselves. Reality TV looks in only one direction: down.
James Wolcott

Between an uncontrolled escalation and passivity, there is a demanding road of responsibility that we must follow.
Dominique de Villepin

Passivity is the same as defending injustice.
Deepak Chopra

Passivity is fatal to us. Our goal is to make the enemy passive.
Mao Zedong

Free institutions certainly exist, but a tradition of passivity and conformism restricts their use - a cynic might say that this is why they continue to exist.
Noam Chomsky
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