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Definition of Passion


  1. A suffering or enduring of imposed or inflicted pain; any suffering or distress (as, a cardiac passion); specifically, the suffering of Christ between the time of the last supper and his death, esp. in the garden upon the cross.
  2. The state of being acted upon; subjection to an external agent or influence; a passive condition; -- opposed to action.
  3. Capacity of being affected by external agents; susceptibility of impressions from external agents.
  4. The state of the mind when it is powerfully acted upon and influenced by something external to itself; the state of any particular faculty which, under such conditions, becomes extremely sensitive or uncontrollably excited; any emotion or sentiment (specifically, love or anger) in a state of abnormal or controlling activity; an extreme or inordinate desire; also, the capacity or susceptibility of being so affected; as, to be in a passion; the passions of love, hate, jealously, wrath, ambition, avarice, fear, etc.; a passion for war, or for drink; an orator should have passion as well as rhetorical skill.
  5. Disorder of the mind; madness.
  6. Passion week. See Passion week, below.
  7. To give a passionate character to.
  8. To suffer pain or sorrow; to experience a passion; to be extremely agitated.
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Passion Translations

passion in Danish is ild
passion in Dutch is gloed, vuur
passion in Finnish is intohimo
passion in French is passion, ardeur
passion in German is Leidenschaft
passion in Italian is ardore, passione
passion in Latin is cupido, amor
passion in Swedish is vrede, passion, lidelse