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Definition of Paralyze


  1. To affect or strike with paralysis or palsy.
  2. Fig.: To unnerve; to destroy or impair the energy of; to render ineffective; as, the occurrence paralyzed the community; despondency paralyzed his efforts.

Paralyze Quotations

Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are.
Bernice Johnson Reagon

Paralyze resistance with persistence.
Woody Hayes

There the union of Church and State tends strongly to paralyze some of the members of the body of Christ. Here there is no such influence to destroy spiritual life and power.
Josiah Strong

Don't let your fear paralyze you. Prepare yourself not only technically, but also emotionally.
Bob Weinstein

Television is an instrument which can paralyze this country.
William Westmoreland
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Paralyze Translations

paralyze in French is paralysez, paralysent, paralysons
paralyze in Spanish is paralizar
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