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Definition of Pal


  1. A mate; a partner; esp., an accomplice or confederate.

Pal Quotations

My family's support and the negative environment of the day toward blacks in South Carolina became the forces that led me out of the South - first to New York, then to Philadelphia, where I found opportunity in the form of a PAL gym and my trainer, Yank Durham.
Joe Frazier

You are the master of your own ship, pal. There are lots of people who fall into troubled waters and don't have the guts or the knowledge or the ability to make it to shore. They have nobody to blame but themselves.
Evel Knievel

I don't live in Hollywood. I don't have celebrities as friends. I like them, but I don't pal around with them. I just live in the Midwest, a real normal world.
Jerry Springer

Kevin Smith is so great in 'Kingdom Come,' isn't he? He's kind of this very earthy poet. He just has this immediate gregariousness, like, you kind of just want to be his pal.
Daniel Gillies

What I and other YouTubers do is a very different thing; it's almost like hanging around and watching your pal play games.
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Pal Translations

pal in Afrikaans is makker
pal in Dutch is maat, makker, kameraad, kornuit
pal in French is camarade
pal in German is Kumpel
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