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Definition of Pain


  1. Punishment suffered or denounced; suffering or evil inflicted as a punishment for crime, or connected with the commission of a crime; penalty.
  2. Any uneasy sensation in animal bodies, from slight uneasiness to extreme distress or torture, proceeding from a derangement of functions, disease, or injury by violence; bodily distress; bodily suffering; an ache; a smart.
  3. Specifically, the throes or travail of childbirth.
  4. Uneasiness of mind; mental distress; disquietude; anxiety; grief; solicitude; anguish.
  5. See Pains, labor, effort.
  6. To inflict suffering upon as a penalty; to punish.
  7. To put to bodily uneasiness or anguish; to afflict with uneasy sensations of any degree of intensity; to torment; to torture; as, his dinner or his wound pained him; his stomach pained him.
  8. To render uneasy in mind; to disquiet; to distress; to grieve; as a child's faults pain his parents.
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Pain Translations

pain in Afrikaans is pyn
pain in Danish is smerte
pain in Dutch is wee, zeer, pijn
pain in French is mal, diuleur, douleur
pain in German is Schmerz, Schmerz, Pein, Qual
pain in Italian is pena, penoso
pain in Latin is poena, dolor, morsus, dolor
pain in Norwegian is pine, smerte
pain in Portuguese is dor
pain in Spanish is dolor