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Definition of Padded


  1. of Pad

Padded Quotations

Girdles and wire stays should have never been invented. No man wants to hug a padded bird cage.
Marilyn Monroe

The art of the novelist is not unrelated to the illness of multiple personality disorder. It's a much milder form. But the better the book, the nearer to the padded cell you are.
David Mitchell

There is but an inch of difference between a cushioned chamber and a padded cell.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Nothing shocks me anymore. I've embraced men in thongs, I've embraced women with padded bras. I mean, I can embrace Larry King saying 'fierce.'
Johnny Weir

I've heard all the coaches complaining about the new CBA rules limiting padded practice. I don't like the reduction to just 15 padded practices during the season. When I coached, we always practiced in pads; and three days a week.
Jimmy Johnson
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Padded Translations

padded in German is gepolstert
padded in Italian is imbottito
padded in Spanish is almohadillado, relleno
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