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Definition of Packing


  1. of Pack
  2. The act or process of one who packs.
  3. Any material used to pack, fill up, or make close.
  4. A substance or piece used to make a joint impervious
  5. A thin layer, or sheet, of yielding or elastic material inserted between the surfaces of a flange joint.
  6. The substance in a stuffing box, through which a piston rod slides.
  7. A yielding ring, as of metal, which surrounds a piston and maintains a tight fit, as inside a cylinder, etc.
  8. Same as Filling.
  9. A trick; collusion.
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Packing Translations

packing in French is colisage, empaquetage, emballant, emballage
packing in German is Packung [Dichtungen], Verdichten, Packend
packing in Italian is imballaggio
packing in Spanish is envase, embalaje
packing in Swedish is frakt, packning