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Definition of Overview


  1. An inspection or overlooking.

Overview Quotations

I did a book in 1996, an overview of black history. In that process I became more aware of a lot of the black inventors of the 19th century.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I've always felt that the obligation of teachers is to have a huge, broad overview and to provide a foundation course to the students. The long view of history is absolutely crucial.
Camille Paglia

When I make a movie, I don't break it down and analyze it. I could but it would get in the way of doing a job - on instinct based on all the research we did going in. you want to trust yourself and your director and your acting partners in the circumstances you're shooting. I don't like to have any kind of overview.
Viggo Mortensen

Yoga is wonderful. It clears up most health problems. It also gives you an overview.
Helen Reddy

I want to help people understand how to study the Scriptures with other people, to give them an overview of Scripture and assume that by understanding the Scriptures better, the Holy Spirit will bring to mind the right stories, the right teachings.
Francis Chan
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Overview Translations

overview in Italian is vista generale

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