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Definition of Overstated


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Overstated Quotations

Better understated than overstated. Let people be surprised that it was more than you promised and easier than you said.
Jim Rohn

The idea that children are passive repositories to be shaped by their parents has been massively overstated. A child's peer group is a far greater determinant of its development and achievements than parental aspiration.
Steven Pinker

Today America lost a great elder statesman, a committed public servant, and leader of the Senate. And today I lost a treasured friend. Ted Kennedy was an iconic, larger than life United States senator whose influence cannot be overstated. Many have come before, and many will come after, but Ted Kennedy's name will always be remembered as someone who lived and breathed the United States Senate and the work completed within its chamber.
Orrin Hatch

The emotive power of hummus all over the Middle East cannot be overstated, being the focus of some serious tribal rivalries.
Yotam Ottolenghi

Few new truths have ever won their way against the resistance of established ideas save by being overstated.
Isaiah Berlin
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Overstated Translations

overstated in Italian is esagerai
overstated in Spanish is exagerado
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