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Definition of Overriding


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Overriding Quotations

The single overriding objective in wellness is creating constant personal renewal where we recognize and act on the truth that each day is a miraculous gift, and our job is to untie the ribbons. That's the Law of Esprit: living life with joy.
Greg Anderson

I'm a Utilitarian, so I don't see the rule against lying as absolute; it's always subject to some overriding utility which may prevent its exercise.
Peter Singer

What is overriding that and most important is that readers generally are interested in a good character. They might be more comfortable with Harry because they think they know him, but they always seem willing to give somebody new a chance.
Michael Connelly

Money's important. Everyone cares about money. And when you don't have money, money becomes the overriding obsession of your life.
Paul Auster

If anything, the overriding emotion is gonna just be excitement.
Christa McAuliffe
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overriding in German is nichtig machend
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