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Definition of Outlining


  1. of Outline

Outlining Quotations

Commas in The New Yorker fall with the precision of knives in a circus act, outlining the victim.
E. B. White

Planning to write is not writing. Outlining, researching, talking to people about what you're doing, none of that is writing. Writing is writing.
E. L. Doctorow

Outlining is not writing. Coming up with ideas is not writing. Researching is not writing. Creating characters is not writing. Only writing is writing.
Harlan Coben

Picasso's superhuman gift for draftsmanship might have made him lazy about pursuing the full potential of color. It was not unusual for him to build a composition by first outlining figures and objects in black and then filling the interstices in a perfunctory manner that can put one in mind of a museum-shop coloring book.
Martin Filler

I spend about eight months researching and outlining my book.
Jeffery Deaver
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Outlining Translations

outlining in French is profilant
outlining in German is skizzierende, skizzierend

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