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Definition of Outfield


  1. Arable land which has been or is being exhausted. See Infield, 1.
  2. A field beyond, or separated from, the inclosed land about the homestead; an uninclosed or unexplored tract. Also used figuratively.
  3. The part of the field beyond the diamond, or infield. It is occupied by the fielders.
  4. The part of the field farthest from the batsman.

Outfield Quotations

Carl Yastrzemski was the best all-around player. He could run, throw and hit. He had the ability to play a number of different positions. He signed as a shortstop. He could play the outfield, of course, and third base and first, too. He was a tremendous athlete. Mickey Mantle was unbelievable, too.
Al Kaline

Gee, its lonesome in the outfield. It's hard to keep awake with nothing to do.
Babe Ruth

You can't win if nobody catches the ball in the outfield. You're only as good as the team you have behind you.
Jim Palmer

The secret of my success was clean living and a fast outfield.
Lefty Gomez

I loved running. I can catch everything in the outfield. I could throw people out from the fence.
Shemar Moore
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Outfield Translations

outfield in Spanish is campo abierto
outfield in Swedish is planens bortersta del
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