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Definition of Orient


  1. Same as Orientate, 2.
  2. To place (a map or chart) so that its east side, north side, etc., lie toward the corresponding parts of the horizon;
  3. to rotate (a map attached to a plane table) until the line of direction between any two of its points is parallel to the corresponding direction in nature.
  4. Rising, as the sun.
  5. Eastern; oriental.
  6. Bright; lustrous; superior; pure; perfect; pellucid; -- used of gems and also figuratively, because the most perfect jewels are found in the East.
  7. The part of the horizon where the sun first appears in the morning; the east.
  8. The countries of Asia or the East.
  9. A pearl of great luster.
  10. To define the position of, in relation to the orient or east; hence, to ascertain the bearings of.
  11. Fig.: To correct or set right by recurring to first principles; to arrange in order; to orientate.

Orient Quotations

I enjoy writing about people falling in love, probably because I think the first time you fall in love is the first time that you have to figure out how you're going to orient your life. What are you going to value? What's going to be most important to you? And I think that's really interesting to write about.
John Green

In the West, we look at art through life. Well, that's one way of living. In the Orient they look at life through art. They even drink their tea without sugar, for the same reason that they don't like a lot of frilly decorations on a painting. I can't stand butter on my bread for the same reason. I'm allergic to goo and rococo.
Paul Rand

Our trouble is that we drink too much tea. I see in this the slow revenge of the Orient, which has diverted the Yellow River down our throats.
J. B. Priestley

Since the time of Homer every European, in what he could say about the Orient, was a racist, an imperialist, and almost totally ethnocentric.
Edward Said

Who knows who will be on board? A couple of spies, for sure. At least one grand duke; a few beautiful woman, no doubt very rich and very troubled. Anything can happen and usually does on the Orient Express.
Morley Safer
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Orient Translations

orient in French is orientent, orientons, orientez
orient in German is Osten, orientieren, ausrichten
orient in Italian is oriente
orient in Portuguese is oriente
orient in Spanish is oriente
orient in Swedish is orienten
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