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Definition of Organizer


  1. One who organizes.

Organizer Quotations

The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.
Vladimir Lenin

I always considered myself being an organizer. I'm very good at teaching singers, I'm very good at staging a show, to entertain people. But I never included myself. I never applied this to me as an artist.
Ike Turner

A good organizer is key to anyone with a busy social life.
Neil Strauss

A first-rate organizer is never in a hurry. He is never late. He always keeps up his sleeve a margin for the unexpected.
Arnold Bennett

It always seemed to me ironic that the McCain campaign kept referring sneeringly to Obama's meager resume - 'a mere community organizer!' - before he entered electoral politics. It was Obama's experience as a community organizer that proved such a killer app when he applied that skill to the Internet.
Tina Brown
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Organizer Translations

organizer in French is organisateur
organizer in German is Organisator, Veranstalter
organizer in Italian is organizzatore, organizzatore
organizer in Swedish is organiserare
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