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Definition of Orb


  1. A blank window or panel.
  2. A spherical body; a globe; especially, one of the celestial spheres; a sun, planet, or star.
  3. One of the azure transparent spheres conceived by the ancients to be inclosed one within another, and to carry the heavenly bodies in their revolutions.
  4. A circle; esp., a circle, or nearly circular orbit, described by the revolution of a heavenly body; an orbit.
  5. A period of time marked off by the revolution of a heavenly body.
  6. The eye, as luminous and spherical.
  7. A revolving circular body; a wheel.
  8. A sphere of action.
  9. Same as Mound, a ball or globe. See lst Mound.
  10. A body of soldiers drawn up in a circle, as for defense, esp. infantry to repel cavalry.
  11. To form into an orb or circle.
  12. To encircle; to surround; to inclose.
  13. To become round like an orb.

Orb Translations

orb in French is globuleux
orb in Italian is palla
orb in Latin is orbis
orb in Spanish is orbe

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