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Definition of Optional


  1. Involving an option; depending on the exercise of an option; left to one's discretion or choice; not compulsory; as, optional studies; it is optional with you to go or stay.
  2. See Elective, n.

Optional Quotations

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
Chili Davis

Nonfiction writers are the packhorses of literature. We're meant to carry the story. If we can make it up and down the mountain by a reliable if not scenic route, we have delivered. Technique is optional.
Stacy Schiff

I've always thought a hotel ought to offer optional small animals. I mean a cat to sleep on your bed at night, or a dog of some kind to act pleased when you come in. You ever notice how a hotel room feels so lifeless?
Anne Tyler

Our education system is increasingly embracing a black-and-white way of thinking, in which 'learning' and 'play' are diametrically opposed. 'Learning' is the serious stuff that happens inside a classroom and can be measured via multiple choice questions and a No. 2 pencil. 'Play' is frivolous, fun, and worst of all, optional.
Darell Hammond

Many blue-collar families struggling to pay rent would be happy to skip paying optional union dues.
Kevin O'Leary
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Optional Translations

optional in German is freigestellt, wahlweise
optional in Spanish is optativo, opcional
optional in Swedish is valfri
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