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Definition of Operative


  1. Having the power of acting; hence, exerting force, physical or moral; active in the production of effects; as, an operative motive.
  2. Producing the appropriate or designed effect; efficacious; as, an operative dose, rule, or penalty.
  3. Based upon, or consisting of, an operation or operations; as, operative surgery.
  4. A skilled worker; an artisan; esp., one who operates a machine in a mill or manufactory.

Operative Quotations

I would like to see the day when somebody would be appointed surgeon somewhere who had no hands, for the operative part is the least part of the work.
Harvey Cushing

This is the operative statement. The others are inoperative.
Ron Ziegler

In another life, before taking the veil of journalistic purity, I practiced the black arts of a political operative, including 'debate prep.'
Jeff Greenfield

Brokenness is the operative issue of our time - broken souls, broken hearts, broken places.
Samantha Power

We mostly feel fearful because we feel powerless. We feel powerless, I contend, because of a style of thinking that splits information in two poles that makes us lose all the operative information we need to solve the problem.
Patricia Sun
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Operative Translations

operative in Afrikaans is werker
operative in Danish is arbejder
operative in Dutch is arbeider, werkman, werker, werkkracht
operative in French is ouvrier
operative in Portuguese is obreiro, operativo
operative in Spanish is operativo, obrero
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