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Definition of Ontological


  1. Of or pertaining to ontology.

Ontological Quotations

Literature is my life of course, but from an ontological point of view. From an existential point of view, I like being a teacher.
Antonio Tabucchi

Classical philosophical theism maintained the ontological distinction between God and creative world that is necessary for any genuine theism by conceiving them to be of different substances, with particular attributes predicated of each.
Arthur Peacocke

Radical constructivism, thus, is radical because it breaks with convention and develops a theory of knowledge in which knowledge does not reflect an 'objective' ontological reality.
Paul Watzlawick

When it comes to the real operational issues that govern our understanding of physical reality, ontological definitions of classical philosophers are, in my opinion, sterile.
Lawrence M. Krauss
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Ontological Translations

ontological in German is ontologisch
ontological in Italian is ontologico
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