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Definition of Omnipotence


  1. Alt. of Omnipotency

Omnipotence Quotations

Omnipotence is not knowing how everything is done; it's just doing it.
Alan Watts

Those who desire to rise as high as our human condition allows, must renounce intellectual pride, the omnipotence of clear thinking, belief in the absolute power of logic.
Alexis Carrel

The omnipotence of evil has never resulted in anything but fruitless efforts. Our thoughts always escape from whoever tries to smother them.
Victor Hugo

When we grow older and begin to realize that our omnipotence is really not so omnipotent, that our strongest wishes are not powerful enough to make the impossible possible, the fear that we have contributed to the death of a loved one diminishes - and with it, the guilt.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Clearly, the Scripture tells us that we lack the capacity to grasp God's infinite mind or the way He intervenes in our lives. How arrogant of us to think otherwise! Trying to analyze His omnipotence is like an amoeba attempting to comprehend the behavior of man.
James Dobson
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Omnipotence Translations

omnipotence in German is Allmacht {f}
omnipotence in Spanish is omnipotencia
omnipotence in Swedish is allmakt
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