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Definition of Occult


  1. Hidden from the eye or the understanding; inviable; secret; concealed; unknown.
  2. To eclipse; to hide from sight.

Occult Quotations

The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws.
Ernest Holmes

Capital is money, capital is commodities. By virtue of it being value, it has acquired the occult ability to add value to itself. It brings forth living offspring, or, at the least, lays golden eggs.
Karl Marx

In my own life, I think legends of supernatural, mythic things are really just a manifestation of the collective unconscious. So I don't really get freaked out. I mean certainly, you read about things people did to each other in the pursuit of some mystical or occult goal, and it's horrifying. But that's just human nature.
Alan Ball

In the seventeenth century, the science of medicine had not wholly cut asunder from astrology and necromancy; and the trusting Christian still believed in some occult influences, chiefly planetary, which governed not only his crops but his health and life.
Alice Morse Earle

Followers of the occult believe in only what they already know, and in those things that confirm what they have already learned.
Umberto Eco
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Occult Translations

occult in Dutch is occult
occult in German is verborgen, geheim
occult in Hungarian is okkult
occult in Italian is latente
occult in Spanish is oculto
occult in Swedish is ockult