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Definition of Oblique


  1. Not erect or perpendicular; neither parallel to, nor at right angles from, the base; slanting; inclined.
  2. Not straightforward; indirect; obscure; hence, disingenuous; underhand; perverse; sinister.
  3. Not direct in descent; not following the line of father and son; collateral.
  4. An oblique line.
  5. To deviate from a perpendicular line; to move in an oblique direction.
  6. To march in a direction oblique to the line of the column or platoon; -- formerly accomplished by oblique steps, now by direct steps, the men half-facing either to the right or left.
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Oblique Translations

oblique in Afrikaans is skeef
oblique in Dutch is scheef, schuin
oblique in French is oblique, en sifflet
oblique in Italian is obliquo
oblique in Spanish is inclinado, atravesado
oblique in Swedish is sned