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Definition of Nutty


  1. Abounding in nuts.
  2. Having a flavor like that of nuts; as, nutty wine.

Nutty Quotations

I'm nutty bunny number two. I love me and I love you.
Mark McKinney

It's good to experience Hollywood in short bursts, I guess. Little snippets. I don't think I can handle being here all the time, it's pretty nutty.
Johnny Depp

Denzel Washington has a great sense of humor. He did all those 'Nutty Professor' movies.
Seth MacFarlane

I am radically, insanely, nutty in love with Jesus!
Joyce Meyer

Ironing is comfort. It's control. I'm a nutty person who likes to make sure everything is in its place.
Sandra Bullock
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Nutty Translations

nutty in Dutch is geurig, aromatisch
nutty in French is savoureux
nutty in German is nussig, pikant
nutty in Italian is piccante
nutty in Spanish is picante

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