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Definition of Notorious


  1. Generally known and talked of by the public; universally believed to be true; manifest to the world; evident; -- usually in an unfavorable sense; as, a notorious thief; a notorious crime or vice.

Notorious Quotations

Nationalized industries are notorious for their inability to operate at a profit.
J. Paul Getty

I happen to be notorious. That, I have no control over.
Kevin Mitnick

I went from being a kid who loved to perform magic tricks to becoming the world's most notorious hacker, feared by corporations and the government.
Kevin Mitnick

A typical biography relying upon individuals' notorious memories and the anecdotes they've invented contains a high degree of fiction, yet is considered 'nonfiction.'
Joyce Carol Oates

Fox is notorious for having a very thick skin about taking shots at themselves.
Seth MacFarlane
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Notorious Translations

notorious in Latin is notabilis
notorious in Spanish is fragante

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