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Definition of Norm


  1. A rule or authoritative standard; a model; a type.
  2. A typical, structural unit; a type.

Norm Quotations

If you are building a culture where honest expectations are communicated and peer accountability is the norm, then the group will address poor performance and attitudes.
Henry Cloud

The voices of moral authority in the theatre demanded only punctuality and physical performance. In the light of continuing pressure and stress, the occasional lip service paid to moderation was meaningless. Starvation and poisoning were not excesses, but measures taken to stay within the norm.
Gelsey Kirkland

There's no story if there isn't some conflict. The memorable things are usually not how pulled together everybody is. I think everybody feels lonely and trapped sometimes. I would think it's more or less the norm.
Wes Anderson

In our fast-forward culture, we have lost the art of eating well. Food is often little more than fuel to pour down the hatch while doing other stuff - surfing the Web, driving, walking along the street. Dining al desko is now the norm in many workplaces. All of this speed takes a toll. Obesity, eating disorders and poor nutrition are rife.
Carl Honore

People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people - and that social norm is just something that has evolved over time.
Mark Zuckerberg
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Norm Translations

norm in Afrikaans is standaard
norm in Dutch is regel, standaardmaat, norm
norm in French is norme
norm in German is Norm, Typ, Regel
norm in Portuguese is norma
norm in Swedish is norm
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