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Definition of Nonsensical


  1. Without sense; unmeaning; absurb; foolish; irrational; preposterous.

Nonsensical Quotations

If our most highly qualified General Staff officers had been told to work out the most nonsensical high level organization for war which they could think of, they could not have produced anything more stupid that that which we have at present.
Claus von Stauffenberg

Don't depend on other people to be responsible for you. Don't make yourself stressed out over nonsensical things like material things.
Eartha Kitt

Trying to block women from getting access to contraception or defunding Planned Parenthood is completely nonsensical from a policy standpoint.
Richard Carmona

In the present world, this technological, psychotic, politicised, nonsensical world, you have to believe that the good guys are going to win! That evil will be banished somehow!
Rufus Wainwright

The term 'the American Left' is as near to being meaningless or nonsensical as any term could really be in politics. It isn't really a force in politics anymore. And it would do well to ask itself why that is.
Christopher Hitchens
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Nonsensical Translations

nonsensical in German is unsinnig
nonsensical in Spanish is sin sentido
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