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Definition of Mutter


  1. To utter words indistinctly or with a low voice and lips partly closed; esp., to utter indistinct complaints or angry expressions; to grumble; to growl.
  2. To sound with a low, rumbling noise.
  3. To utter with imperfect articulations, or with a low voice; as, to mutter threats.
  4. Repressed or obscure utterance.
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Mutter Translations

mutter in Dutch is morren, brommen, mompelen, mummelen
mutter in Finnish is kohista
mutter in French is barbotez, murmurer, barbotent, barboter, barbotons
mutter in German is murmeln
mutter in Latin is mussito
mutter in Spanish is murmullo
mutter in Swedish is mummel, mumla, muttra