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Definition of Must


  1. To be obliged; to be necessitated; -- expressing either physical or moral necessity; as, a man must eat for nourishment; we must submit to the laws.
  2. To be morally required; to be necessary or essential to a certain quality, character, end, or result; as, he must reconsider the matter; he must have been insane.
  3. The expressed juice of the grape, or other fruit, before fermentation.
  4. Mustiness.
  5. To make musty; to become musty.
  6. Being in a condition of dangerous frenzy, usually connected with sexual excitement; -- said of adult male elephants which become so at irregular intervals.
  7. The condition of frenzy.
  8. An elephant in must.
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Must Translations

must in Afrikaans is moet
must in Dutch is behoren, dienen, horen, moeten
must in French is faut, devoir, falloir
must in Italian is debbono
must in Spanish is deben