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Definition of Motion Picture

Motion Picture

  1. A moving picture.

Motion Picture Quotations

I am not influenced by the techniques or fashions of any other motion picture company.
Walt Disney

I wanted to do new things with dance, adapt it to the motion picture medium.
Gene Kelly

When 'Catch Me If You Can' was published back in 1980, I never dreamed that it would become a bestseller, much less a major motion picture and now a big Broadway musical. What's amazing about the book is that it has never gone out of print.
Frank Abagnale

There are 80 jobs in which women earn more than men - positions like financial analyst, speech-language pathologist, radiation therapist, library worker, biological technician, motion picture projectionist.
Warren Farrell

Officially, MPAA stands for Motion Picture Association of America, but I suggest that MPAA stands for Malicious Power Attacking All.
Richard Stallman
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Motion Picture Translations

motion picture in Afrikaans is rolprent, film, prent
motion picture in Danish is film
motion picture in French is film
motion picture in Norwegian is film
motion picture in Swedish is film
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