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Definition of Mortify


  1. To destroy the organic texture and vital functions of; to produce gangrene in.
  2. To destroy the active powers or essential qualities of; to change by chemical action.
  3. To deaden by religious or other discipline, as the carnal affections, bodily appetites, or worldly desires; to bring into subjection; to abase; to humble.
  4. To affect with vexation, chagrin, or humiliation; to humble; to depress.
  5. To lose vitality and organic structure, as flesh of a living body; to gangrene.
  6. To practice penance from religious motives; to deaden desires by religious discipline.
  7. To be subdued; to decay, as appetites, desires, etc.
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Mortify Translations

mortify in French is humilier
mortify in Italian is umiliare
mortify in Spanish is mortificar, degradar